What is List Management?
List Managers are responsible for the professional representation of a list, and the integrated process of marketing, promoting and direct selling of those lists to the network of list brokers and direct mailers. Interactive Market Solutions also offers a revenue sharing option for list owners. Any company with Opt-In Email, postal or telemarketing lists of customers, attendees, subscribers or prospects can monetize these lists and reap competitive advantages by offering them for rental or exchange. A well-maintained list, in conjunction with a secure and controlled marketing program can provide list owners with substantial revenues!

Why Interactive Market Solutions?
We are committed to growing every client's list asset by applying principles developed over our many years of list management experience --- principles that have resulted in annual list revenue growth exceeding 30-40% for many clients. Interactive Market Solutions is a recognized industry-wide for creative, knowledgeable and professional list management. Join other savvy list owners by choosing the list management team that consistently receives the highest peer ratings for excellence in product knowledge and customer service. Please contact us for additional details and analysis of your list property today!

Interactive Market Solutions List Management provides highly personalized services using sophisticated technologies, for more than 600 response and compiled lists and alternate media programs. Our team of professionals offer a comprehensive and competitively safe program with careful consideration of your objectives and a tailored plan of promotion which goes well beyond the usual. Our list managers coordinate all arrangements for a list rental offer.

Interactive Market Solutions List Management consistently delivers maximum list rental income, for its Business to Business, Consumer, Hi-Tech, Financial, Publishing, Catalog and Fundraising clients.

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